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Palmer’s Natural Fusions Hair Care Review “Your hair is your crowning glory” That is what my mama used to tell me when I was growing up. For the most part of my younger and adult age, I didn’t really respect my hair. I did everything and anything to it; cut it, shaved it, dyed it, put chemicals in it, you… Continue reading Palmer’s Natural Fusions Hair Care Review


CLASSIC: Black Smokey Eye.

Hey Guys and Dolls,We made it to the month of December! whoop whoop, God is good, only a few more weeks left till the end of the year. Any regrets? what are you all grateful for? As for me and my household, we are extremely grateful for our son (now 4 months and counting). I… Continue reading CLASSIC: Black Smokey Eye.


Sophisticated Nightout.

Hello Loves,Happy BLACK FRIDAY to you all, what are you getting? what are the best deals you have come across? to be honest I am not too impressed with the UK make-up deals I have been seeing, quite disappointing to say the least.Anyway I digress, this blog post is about the latest look I have… Continue reading Sophisticated Nightout.